I                                         In a career spanning more than 25 years, Lee has created photographic images both in the 

                                          studio and on location for national advertising campaigns, catalogs, magazines and websites.                    


                                          Whether collaborating with his diverse clientele or working on his own personal projects, the                                                    images he creates attest to his empressive talent.



                                          After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Professional Photography from Brooks                                                         Institute of Photographic Art and Science in Santa Barbara, California, Lee moved to Los

                                          Angeles, where he established Lee Kissinger Photography.



  "I believe good communication skills and utmost professionalism are essential to any projects ultimate success.                Listening to my clients concepts, I add my own ideas and as a team, we create superlative images."



   "I am constantly experimenting with new technologies and traditional techniques in order to enhance my skills and 

    bring a fresh look to each project. But most importantly, I strive to consistently deliver high quality work within the             clients budget. After all, creativity and customer satisfaction really is the bottom line."

  "I love my work because every day brings a new challenge. I am very passionate about creating beautiful images

   and I consider myself very fortunate to be able to succeed in an art form and a business that I enjoy so much."

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